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hopefuls made their pitches to iowa voters today at the annual iowa straw poll. steve handlesman is live with more on the big day. hi, steve. >> reporter: hi, jim. it's a beautiful cool evening here in central iowa. there was an air of ang anticipation. now they're counting the straw poll ballots. there's a delay, we're told, because of all the write-in ballots. that may be the rick perry factor. a lot of people told me today they were going to write in the name of the texas governor who just today became an official candidate, so he wasn't on the ballot. so he rained on the parade here. he tried to kind of upstage the party, that a lot of republicans focus on. this is their baby. they're really focused on the effect on the republican race that this straw pole has. it's like a fair. with lots of food, lots of people, and bands. but the stars are republican candidates, like rick santorum. and tim pawlenty. tea partier michele bachmann. libertarian ron paul, and others. mitt romney was not in the state. iowaians came to the straw poll not for the music, but they waited in long lines to cas
some new technology at bwi airport. hopefully it will make passengers safe. >>> i'm steve handelsman in iowa on this critical day between last night's debate and tomorrow's much-anticipated iowa straw poll. there's rick perry. what's he up to? how does it change the republican race for the white okay, you're the good cop. i'm the bad cop. look, it's still a great time to refinance. listen up, buster! we're not gonna pay any closing fees. i'd do what she says, friend. i can't control her. well, it's the "no closing fee refinance," so we pick up the closing fees. oh, you're gonna pick up the closing fees? yes. on average, that's $3,300 at closing. [ both ] thirty-three hundred?! that's a lot of donuts. [ male announcer ] visit capital one bank today to refinance your mortgage, and we'll pick up, on average, $3,300 at closing. what's in your wallet? i'm good. >>> tomorrow's straw poll in iowa represents the first major test for republicans in the race for the white house. the major candidates are working right now to get out their supporters, but two rivals who have not even declared ye
prompted a fresh wave of worry on wall street. steve handelsman joins us now live from capitol hill with the latest. steve? >> reporter: wendy, thanks. the european debt crisis has an effect to drive down u.s. stock prices. but an left say so does the worry that lawmakers up here on capitol hill cannot or will not help. wall street see sawed after jpmorgan chase sounded an alarm. >> a massive rebasing for expectations for second half growth. >> reporter: the new prediction is our growth through the end of 2011 will be just 1%, not 2.5. another worrisome sign, oil prices are relatively low. >> well, that's it. everyone is talking about the potential of a double dip. >> reporter: a double dip, a return to recession. there is worry one would start this fall. >> i think that would be a tremendous blow to business confidence, consumer confidence, neither which is particularly strong right now. and then i think you're worried about a spiralling effect and getting a much sharper pullback. >> reporter: stock and high-tech powerhouse hewlett-packard plunged 21%. bank of america, largest lend
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debate tonight. steve handelsman is live at iowa state university. steve? >> reporter: wendy, thanks. good evening. this preannouncement by perry is deductib definitely the biggest political news of the day, but it's not taking a lot of energy from all of the big doings out here in iowa, because perry is not here. he won't debate tonight, won't take part in the straw poll saturday. that's going to be here at iowa state university in ames. tonight, they'll debate here at iowa state university. but this whole thing kind of got rolling today, about a half hour south of here at the fair. day one of the iowa state fair in des moines. lots of stuff to eat and see. like the butter cow, life-size, made of butter. and fried butter. this is fried butter. here at the iowa state fair. and politicians. mitt romney in iowa today. his first visit back here since may. >> good to see you. thanks for being here today. >> reporter: romney has been focusing on fund-raising and on new hampshire. >> back in iowa, what's the iowa plan, sir? >> good to be here, thank you. work hard and win. >> reporter: it
. steve handelsman shows us the big storm spared the east coast from the devastation many had feared. >> reporter: start the cleanup. this was central park. new york is draining tonight. rhode island is taking stock. >> it's not as bad as we expected. it's much better. >> reporter: irene was a full-fledged cat 1 hurricane. this was long island this morning. >> pandemonium pretty much. it's kind of crazy. >> reporter: at least 15 people were reported killed from florida to new england. many by falling trees last night and today. flooding extended far inland. this was near philadelphia. and some rivers are still reported rising. now many of the millions who evacuated want to see if there's damage. this man in new york city. >> they said there was limited damage. they said there were power outages, but i don't know what to believe. >> reporter: charlie jones in north carolina. >> they won't let us back in. you've got to have a re-entry pass. >> reporter: with power out to more than half a million in north carolina and pennsylvania, many people are not being allowed home. the feds expect
a deficit reduction plan that totals $1.5 trillion. steve handlesman join us from capitol hill with more on how this is being received on both sides. steve? >> reporter: doreen, thanks. this is actually going to be a double presidential proposal, a new deficit reduction plan, but more important politically, the jobs plan. >> how are you, sir? >> reporter: his job could be in jeopardy. president obama came to a county fair in illinois beaten down by the deficit fight, the downgrade and especially by high unemployment. >> there are some things that we could be doing right now to put our neighbors and our friends, some family members back to work. >> reporter: in a september speech after his vacation, the president will lay out a plan to build new schools, bridges and roads. >> and all those folks who got laid off from construction because the economy went south or the house bubble burst, they are dying for work. >> reporter: the obama jobs plan will include extending the payroll tax cuts he pushed through in '09, more infrastructure construction project and help for the long-term unemploye
out tomorrow, tax hikes still could be on the table in the future. steve handlesman on capitol hill with more on the story. steve? >> reporter: maybe in the near future. here on the hill, tax hikes remain possible because our deficit is still growing even though today's vote stopped default. 11 hours before the deadline. >> the senate will come to order. >> reporter: the debt deal passed the senate easily. >> the ayes are 74 -- >> a spending spree may actually be coming to an end. >> spend, spend, spend to cut, cut, cut. >> reporter: despondent democrats just got no default. >> almost everything else about this deal stinks. >> reporter: there's no new revenue, no tax hikes. >> it's really unfair for billionaires and multimillionaires not to be contributing to the arrangement we just made. >> reporter: democrats led by president obama vowed to get the tax hikes they demanded this year. >> everyone's going to have to chip in, that's only fair. >> reporter: part of the debt deal passed yesterday by the house is a super committee. 12 lawmakers who by december will virtually dictate deep
in for eagle! wow! if you follow him on twitter, he always tweets "it's go time." adam scott on 12 with steve williams, tiger's former caddie. he shoots a 4 under 66 and leads the tournament at 12 under par. eight golfers are within four shots of the lead. semifinals of the legg mason classic. donald young taking on stefnik of the czech republic. first set, young in the far court. stepnik comes to the net, this is cool, but the shot goes wide and young loses the first set 6-3. second set, serving in the far court, his experience just too much for young to handle today. look at this, overhead smash. advances to the finals tomorrow. >> all right, thank you, sir. that is it for us this evening. "nightly news" is next. hope to see you back here at 11:00.
. steve handelsman joins us from capitol hill with the latest. hi steve. >> thanks. he's the incumbent and the economy is bad. but president obama's theme today, and it's sure to remain one of his top themes for the next 15 months of campaigning, was and will be "don't blame me." he came to the midwest on air force one, but the president took a bus, not a chopper. and showed up in cannon falls, minnesota without a tie. barack obama, back in campaign mode. >> i'm not here just to enjoy the nice weather. i'm here to enlist you in a fight. >> reporter: his beef is with republicans who he blamed for our near default in s&p downgrade. >> you've got to send a message to washington that it's time for the games to stop. >> reporter: but the debt ceiling fight drove the president's approval to an all-time low. 39% in yesterday's gallup tracking poll, back up to 41% today. he was at 51% approval on june 1st. mitt romney, rick perry and michele bachmann, three leading republican presidential candidates, are encouraged by the sudden obama slide. >> that is not because he's not campaigning. its bec
to an agreement that has what might be considered luke warm support. steve handlesman has our report. steve? >> reporter: jim, thanks. it looks like the house, which is debating this weekend debt ceiling deal will take a vote and be done with it by 7:30. leadership says it will pass. it also looks now like the senate will not vote tonight, but instead will take up this deal tomorrow, presuming this deal passes the house. [ banging gavel ] the house will be in order. >> reporter: can speaker john boehner get enough republicans to say yes to the debt ceiling deal? >> i've got a big job to do here. >> reporter: many of boehner's house republicans are skeptical. >> the problem isn't the debt ceiling, it's the debt. >> reporter: some liberal house democrats will vote no. >> there's no balance. there are no revenues. god forbid, we would ask, as the republicans call them, the job creators, the millionaires and billionaires to pay anything. >> reporter: the compromised plan would cut about $1 trillion in spending right away, form a new bipartisan super committee to find another $1.5 trillion in sa
. but the complaints have been especially harsh this year. steve handlesman joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: martha's vineyard is nice. no question. it's cool, it's calm, it's classy. but now it's not just an island. it's an issue. few said "have a nice vacation" as president obama left washington for martha's vineyard. ten days with his family on the scenic, exclusive island off massachusetts. where he went last year. barack obama's taken less time off at this point in his presidency, 61 days, than ronald reagan's 112 days, and george bush's 180 days. democrat john lewis. >> we all need a break from time to time. >> reporter: but on the viney d vineyard? republicans say that's obama. >> he's aloof, and he's not in touch with the american people. >> reporter: the gop website is offering obama get-away cards. one mocking his approval rating. in fact, the obama number this week on the economy is just 26% approval. this was atlanta today. see that huge long line? it was people at an employment fair. >> i'm just out here trying to find me a job to support me and my son. >> i look for a job eve
. congresswoman michele bachmann grew up in iowa and appears to be the front runner there. steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: iowa republican front-runner michele bachmann came to a plant near des moines, bragging that unlike many in her party, she opposed raising the debt ceiling. >> let me tell you why all these terrible things happen. washington has been turning our money into monopoly money. so let's have a president -- i want to be that president -- who makes government down into something manageable, so that all of you can have better lives. >> reporter: iowa polls put bachmann a few points ahead of mitt romney, in iowa today for the first time since may. >> my priority is creating jobs. >> reporter: romney is focusing elsewhere. tim pawlenty is counting on iowa. selling his record of budget-balancing as the governor of minnesota next door. >> when candidates come through iowa, you need to make sure they're ready for the job before you catapult them towards the white house and the oval office. >> reporter: but pawlenty is not in the catapult, pulling a weak third, he needs a tu
do more to fix the underlying problem of the debt. steve handelsman on capitol hill now with more on this. >> reporter: thanks. good evening. amid all of today's terrible news, there was a little bit of paucity, if you will from the head of standard & poor's who listened to what president obama said, and said that that help, he was impressed that the president thought the matter was urgent. and when you're the head of s&p, people care what you think. the president had been looking on the bright side. he said the downgrade on friday, which he said he still disputes, plus, by extension, today's terrible down day on the markets, could help break the deadlock up here on capitol hill. in his first reaction since standard & poor's downgraded u.s. bonds late friday, president obama rejected the aa-plus rating. >> no matter what some agency may say, we've always been and always will be a aaa country. >> reporter: but u.s. stock markets dropped sickeningly. the dow losing 5.55%. the s&p 500, 6.66%. nasdaq off 6.9%. the biggest drops in years. gold was up to an all-time high, $1700, a sign
that mr. obama took a political gamble that paid off. steve handlesman joins us now with more on this story. >> reporter: right, jim, thanks. good evening. this is a victory for sure of a different kind for president obama. he got the u.s. military involved, but as he made very clear six months ago, in a very limited way. and it worked. the rebels and their many sympathizers are celebting in tripoli. they have control of the libyan capital. what they want is more moammar gadhafi. u.s. officials say there is no indication the erratic colonel has left libya. and gadhafi was defiant in a radio broadcast, not giving up, even though three of his sons were captured. president obama applauded the rebel victory, and pressured the defeated dictator. >> although it's clear that gadhafi's rule is over, he still has the opportunity to reduce further bloodshed by explicitly relinquishing power to the people of libya. >> reporter: after six months, the breakthrough came yesterday and last night. rebels streamed into tripoli. helped by some of the heaviest nato air strikes of the conflict. t
. steve handlesman has our report from capitol hill. >> the stock markets were bouncing back a day after the big drop, as federal reserve policy makers met in washington and decided against new interventions. the fed will keep interest rates super low as a stimulus for two more years and not buy more u.s. bonds. >> the fed is on a bullet. anything additional it could do would have a marge nall consequence. >> the markets dropped. president obama was in delaware for the return of the remains of u.s. forces killed in the weekend afghan disaster. >> thank you so much for coming out. >> reporter: in iowa, tea party republican michele bachmann blamed mr. obama for the crisis. >> president obama and the politicians have almost doubled the national debt in five years. that's why we're in trouble. >> reporter: republican candidate tim pawlenty charged the president made matters worse yesterday. >> and he began to act like a manure spreader in a windstorm, throwing things in every direction without any real focus, without any real sense of solution many. >> democrats slammed the gop solution, muc
a little gaff about elvis, and a charge of treason. steve handlesman has all the developments now from capitol hill for us. >> thanks, good evening. how much can government do to put americans back to work. that's a big question in this election. it turns out that texas, the rick perry answer is a lot more like the obama answer than you might expect. on his campaign style swing through the midwest -- >> you look very trustworthy. >> reporter: president obama was in iowa, the state that put him on the path to the white house in 2008. the path rick perry hopes he's on for 2012. the texas governor was in iowa, targeting barack obama. >> mr. president, you try now for two and a half years of government creating jobs. >> perry brags about his jobs record. texas unemployment is a point lower than the u.s. average. oil companies are profitable. tax revenue has not dropped in texas, and in fact, almost all of new texas jobs are government jobs. some call perry wreckless, he's standing by this charge of the federal reserve. >> printing more money to play politics at this particular time in amer
, $3,300 at closing. what's in your wallet? i'm good. >>> some breaking news tonight. steve jobs has announced his resignation as the ceo of apple. in a statement, jobs says the day has come where he can no longer meet his duties. he said he would still like to stay with the company as chairman of the board of directors. he said he still believes apple's brightest and most innovative days are ahead. steve jobs is the mastermind behind apple's major success with the ipod and the iphone. recently took a leave of absence for health reasons. >>> also just in tonight, prince george's county public schools announced that 32 schools will remain closed tomorrow. that's because of ongoing structural assessments after the earthquake yesterday. you can get a full list on our website, d.c. schools have just announced that most of its schools will open tomorrow, except for the school without walls. >>> people around our area use cameras on their cell phones to upload pictures to social media websites. after yesterday's earthquake, we received dozens of pictures online and still
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